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Nitin is a self educated artist of Indian origin. Born in India in 1952 he comes from a global family. His father was in the Indian Navy. The family resided at multiple locations in that most culturally diverse, spiritual and ancient of nations. His siblings live in Sweden, Australia and India. He came to the US in 1975. A voracious reader he has educated himself about the various arts, mythologies and cultures that have inspired him. His education was in medicine. He came to the US in 1975 after a brief stay in Sweden. He had to wait a couple of years for his green card before he could further his medical education. During this time he immersed himself in art....from the museums in Europe and the US to the art scene in Atlanta, Georgia. He briefly worked in a framing shop in Atlanta .Unable to afford art supplies, he used discarded materials such as mat-board and plywood to create art. To this day, the same materials, plus found objects and inspiration from nature drive his creativity. He practiced reconstructive orthopedic surgery in the Finger Lakes region ( Clifton Springs, Geneva & Newark) for three decades before retiring in 2018.He was an avid general aviation pilot. Now his life is immersed in his art! The profession of reconstructive orthopedic surgery and being an aviator was very objective. For Nitin the visual arts have been its subjective counterbalance.His art has evolved into a distinctive style, fusing elements from his Indian heritage with influences from Eastern, Western and indigenous art. He has collaborated with A.J.Dungan (a gifted digital colorist & abstract artist) in digitally coloring and fusing his originals and the images of implants he used when he was in practice. Recently he has been creating 3D pieces using found materials and colorized sculptural pieces with wood.

Artist's Statement

My art has been the creative subjective counterbalance to the objectivity in my personal and my professional life. I have no formal training in art. My creations have evolved into a distinctive style fusing painting, drawing, cutouts, collage, 3D assemblies and sculpture using wood and stone. Interest in the mythology and the arts of diverse cultures worldwide have inspired me. As I do not depend on it for a living, I create as my flow of consciousness allows. It is my threshold through the doors of perception and an expression of my diversity. A creative odyssey towards an inner realization. 

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”
– Georgia O’Keeffe